Thursday, February 5, 2009

What say ye?

I just wanted to take a short moment and say how great every one's been so far with the Facebook posts and the feedback. I'm having a blast writing this and if you click on "follow this blog" there will be a position of note for you in my kingdom. If you comment, there may be some land in your future! I was hoping to get a bit of a dialog going on some of these topics, but i need the help of my people. So listen to that town crier when he says, "Hear ye, hear ye, what say ye?" How can I be a good king if I'm blind to the plights of my people?!

So if you have a topic, pet peeve or thoughts in general, comment! It's easy, fun and will make you part of the Web 2.0! Remember, every time we don't communicate via technology Marshall McLuhan cries.


braasch14 said...

So when you are King - will there be any new laws about public grooming? You know the guy who sits by you at work or on bart and starts clipping their nails. Or the worker standing by his truck, using the side mirror to remove nose hairs with a tweezer (just saw this yesterday).

zerocrossing said...

Yes, this is indeed a problem!

Not only is it generally disgusting but dangerous. You would have loved the day I yelled at the guy who was blowing snot-rockets at the BART station. I told him he dishonored his family but I doubt he understood me. Who knows what flavor of virus that dude was spewing into my world?

I can't imagine the amount of lives and property damage done by just the application of makeup while driving. I had an idea that I should start photographing all the retarded stuff I saw people doing in their cars each morning, but I realized that taking photos would be too detracting while driving!

So, I think what will need to happen is the implementation of a kind of general "manners" police. Kind of like Jedi, but substitute a light saber with a TASER and an ink stamper. In our current society we're so wrapped up in "personal freedom" and a bureaucracy to protect it that we've forgotten about the rights of people not to have nail trimmings sproing over to your seat on the BART.

So there won't be any ticket, jail or protracted punishment of these infractions. It'll be simple. Do something disgusting and my version of Judge Dredd will be on your ass with a quick TASER jolt and while you're stunned an ink stamp describing your crime will be applied to your forehead. If your caught when a previous stamp can still be seen, you will spend the day in a stockade which will be webcast at Visitors to the site can click on a link that will shoot a rotten tomato at the guilty party, but it will cost a dollar. That money will then go toward keeping my knights of manners equipped with TASERS.