Monday, May 24, 2010

Screw you JJ. (Lost spoilers within)

Jennifer and I were pretty mad. After they specifically said it wasn't about purgatory or some idea of heaven and hell... it kind of was. I wanted to though a rock though that multi denomination stain glass window in the final scene. FUCK YOU JJ. Lazy writing. "and the reveal is... it was good and evil!" Really? Is that all you have? The part where Jacob says, "this island is like a cork keeping evil from coming into the world" was literal? It is a cork? All you have to do is shield yourself from electromagnetism and pull the plug to keep evil out of the world and keep Jacob and Smokey immortal? But no mention of why? Do we forget how many people died so that the cork stayed in? What about all the people who didn't survive the initial crash? The second crash? What happened to all the extras?

I had a really good theory. The island was a rift in reality ala "The Scar" in China Mieville's book. Some other dimensional travelers poked though and the result was a rip in our fabric where things got a bit fucked up. Jacob, who was of the race who broke it, was a watchman for the "plug" that kept the rip from getting worse and possibly destroying both dimensions. Smoky was from their side and he realized that he could exploit our world but when he tried he got stopped by Jacob and then trapped in the "hallway" between the two worlds that was the island. It answered all the questions, still had an element of good v. evil and you didn't have to put a single catholic cross or jewish star anywhere in the episode. So that's my rant. They all happily walk into the light is a piss-poor excuse for an ending. Imagine if Mary Taylor Moore had ended that way.