Wednesday, January 14, 2009


OK, this one's a bit heavier and may have to span a few posts, but yesterday I was incensed (as usual) when I read the title of some Linkedin post that hit my mailbox. Here's the article:

So... WHEN I'M KING... here's how I propose to deal with people who feel or act that there's some sort of supreme being that personally feels it's job consists of owning business and in general helping some people out, while it ignores others [see disasters]. This is a tough one for me as I'm pretty sure I don't want to out and out outlaw religious faith, but the hubris involved in this narcissistic thought process has to be punished. It makes for a very bad humans. "My business is doing well because God owns it!" shames the guy who worked his ass off his whole life, operating a small department store, and now has nothing because Walmart came in to town and destroyed him. I declare that those who believe that some sort of God gives them dominion over anything or anyone will have to submit to a tattoo on their foreheads that reads, "I'm a self absorbed asshole but my god told me it was ok." Probably do this in two lines so the font can be easily read. People who also claim to have had conversations with god will have tattoos that read, "I'm a self absorbed lunatic..."


txdemjen said...

Hallelujah! Amen! Glory be! Oh...

Damn if I ain't been on this rant since moving to Texas. Thank you for putting it out there so beautifully bluntly.

Seriously, does nobody ask, "What the hell makes you so damn special? And why would your mythological omnipotent fantasy spare your obnoxious ass while others suffered?"

On that note, I must add the commonly accepted, everyday, "blessed" crap. "I'm so blessed to have..." Screw you. You either worked for it or you stole it. Ain't no universal power deciding to give it to you. And that is why I adore your plan so.

Ah, but we could go on all day about the flying spaghetti monster...

Suffice it to say, your punishments are appropriate and I eagerly await their enactment.

zerocrossing said...

Keep it up! Talk like that will put you as head pontiff of my official church! Rudy Rucker, a Sci-fi writer out of San Jose talked about a church based on SCIENCE in one of his books... Master of Time and Space maybe? The "services" consisted of a sermon by a respected scientist. Similar to a lecture that might be given in a college, but designed in a more Carl Sagany way for the layperson. I always wished a church like this existed but was too lazy to try and form it. Imagine if we stopped believing in miracles like "Time to wipe out life on earth except for a guy on a boat with some animals" and actually looked at things like solar fusion and photosynthesis as actual things we can observe. No need to attribute things like that to a god as they are god. Look at me! I'm practically a pagan! I hope I don't start dressing horribly!